WiZiQ Virtual Classroom

WiZiQ offers everything to make sense to the learning...

Needless to say, online platforms have made learning more interesting than ever before. You are good to go for an online class at a moment’s notice with just a single click, no downloads, no additional installations or plug-ins. Online classes go much easier with WiZiQ. Let's discover now...
Set your Virtual Classroom before time

Teacher can get into the class before its time, check audio video devices, and set the class ready and content in place. As the time arrives, the class is good to start…

Inside the Classroom

The collaborative web conferencing environment enables you to communicate synchronously using audio, video or text chat, interactive whiteboard and content sharing.


Everything you need to write in the class is at your fingertips- Pen, Free hand, Text, geometrical shapes, symbols, graph, or images. Unlimited whiteboard tabs with rich features like copy, paste, undo, redo, drag and resize. Use digital pen or mouse pen whichever you feel comfortable writing with.

Content Sharing

Pre-built content can be uploaded in formats like Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Video, Audio, Flash, and Excel. Upload them in the class or use Content feature in your account to upload beforehand.

Live Chat

All options in chat- private or public and enable or disable chat for all. Use them as you want.

Multi-way audio

Hand over the microphone to one or more attendees. You may control microphone individually for all the attendees.

2-way video

Presenter can see his live video and video of one more attendee. All attendees can see the presenter and the attendee allowed to use webcam.

YouTube videos

Thousands of videos on YouTube are at your fingertips. Enter a link and immediately play a video and share it synchronously in the classroom.

Web Sharing

Google, Wikipedia or any information already on web now works for you. Browse and tour web-links you want to share with your attendees in the Virtual Classroom.


All the way important! Have your name and logo in the Virtual Classroom for that extra edge.

Attendee Management

Separate toggle access to audio, video and writing features helps you manage the attendees. Writing allows attendee to write and upload, audio gives access to use microphone only, and video passes on right to use microphone and webcam both.

Desktop/Screen sharing

For those who need to demonstrate some software or file opened up on their screens, they may use screen sharing. Install a screen capturing plug-in and then they can share their screen with the attendees.


Choose what to record and how long to record. You can manually control when to start, pause or stop the class capture in the classroom. The result? Precise, Streamlined and Quality playbacks!.

Recording Download

For offline views or distribution of your recordings as CD/DVDs or to save your recordings forever, we have an option for you to download and make your recordings perpetual. Nevertheless, we keep them hosted with us for 12 months!.

That was all about our features in the Virtual Classroom. We invite you to test drive our Virtual Classroom. WiZiQ Virtual Classroom works invariably well for all browsers, major operating systems and on tablet PCs.
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