How does room based pricing work?

You can think of Virtual Classroom rooms to be just like classrooms in the physical world where say each classroom can have up to 50 students. So, if you buy 5 rooms, you can have up to 5 simultaneous classes of up to 50 students each.

Do I need to host the Virtual Classroom or is it hosted?

No, WiZiQ's Virtual Classroom is hosted in Texas, United States. We have multiple servers on which the load gets distributed and the architecture is such that we can scale it up in a matter of days. So you do not have to worry about any IT issues etc.

How do recordings work?

Classes can be recorded when you set them up. You can build as many recordings as allowed in your purchased plan. You can buy more recordings separately @$2 per recording. The recordings are hosted with us for free for 12 months from the date of their capture.

Can I pay in my currency?

Yes, you may. On the order page, choose the currency you would like to pay in. If you don't find your currency listed there, then we don't support it. In such a case, you may choose a different currency.

Do my recording credits expire?

Monthly recordings available as a part of subscription expire at the end of the month. They don't accumulate. The recordings purchased separately can be accumulated for six months.

For how long are my recordings available to me?

All recordings are hosted with us for free for 12 months from the date of their capture. You can also download the recordings during this period.

Do my students need to sign up to attend a class?

No. Teachers and students don’t need to sign-up on WiZiQ to attend a class. They can simply enter the class by accessing their class links.

How many classes can I schedule?

All subscriptions offer unlimited classes. You can purchase any.

I want to create classes for my teachers and students. How do I schedule that?

1. Go to Schedule a Class link.
2. Fill in the class details like Title, Date, Time and Duration of the class.
3. After you schedule, you get Presenter URL and Attendees’ URL.
4. Send Presenter URL to the teacher and Attendee URL to the students.

Can I change my subscription package?

Yes, you may upgrade or downgrade your subscription package at anytime.
1. You can use the advanced features immediately on upgrade. Downgrade or cancellation, if done in the middle of the billing cycle takes place from the next billing cycle on.
2. Upgrade/downgrade to a different paid subscription if done in the middle of the billing cycle is charged from the next billing cycle. We do not prorate for partial months on a different subscription.

What modes of payment can I use to buy a subscription?

You may use PayPal, credit card, wire transfer or bank transfer to buy a subscription package.

Do you offer free trial for WiZiQ Virtual Classroom?

If you want to test our features, you may avail our 30-day trial version. In the trial version, you can schedule unlimited classes with up to 10 participants and record any 3 classes. You may then purchase a plan that fits your needs and budget.

How do I downgrade my subscription?

To downgrade your subscription, click on Buy Now link for the subscription you want to purchase. Important to note that if you downgrade or cancel your subscription all the classes scheduled for the future billing cycles get cancelled. You will need to schedule these classes again.

How is my recording balance spent?

A credit is deducted from your available balance when you choose to build a recording. And when you choose to record a class, the recording credit expiring first is spent.

Can I use my current recording credits to record a class scheduled for 2 months hence?

Yes, with current recording credits you may choose to record a class scheduled for a future date. Say, you can use credits for the month of July to record a class set up for September. But you must schedule this class in July.

If I cancel a class or its recording, can I record another class in its place?

Yes, you may record if you schedule and cancel the class within the same billing cycle. Like, you scheduled a class in July and then cancelled it, you can avail this credit in July only to record another class in its place.

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