WizIQ Virtual Classroom Module in Moodle

WizIQ's Virtual Classroom, a choice of thousands of teachers worldwide is available for your own Moodle installation! Go ahead with your Moodle courses, giving live classes to your students to enhance learning more than ever before.

Why the WizIQ Virtual Classroom Module for Moodle?

Your teachers can schedule and deliver live, online classes for the course topics without requiring anyone (teachers or students) to sign-up on WizIQ.com. Moodle administrators simply download the module, install it and you are set to go with online learning for your course users. In a nutshell...

Moodle + WizIQ Virtual Classroom = Great synchronous learning experience

  • There is no download for students or teachers to use the Virtual Classroom
  • No sign-up for teachers and students to give or attend a class
  • We give you support for installation (for paid versions) of the module via our forum and developers
We say, give a try to the WizIQ Virtual Classroom integrated with Moodle and you will forget all the other virtual classrooms out there. It’s FREE to start - you can then choose paid packages as number of teachers using it increases! You can choose from flexible pricing options. See Pricing

The Virtual Classroom Features

Give your students a feel of real world teaching via WizIQ Virtual Classroom. In each live class you schedule in Moodle, you get :

Automatic publishing of scheduled live classes in your Moodle event calendar
Interactive whiteboard (Freehand writing, Mathematical symbols, Shapes etc.)
Upload and share content (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PDF, Flash, Video, Audio and YouTube videos)
2-way Audio and Video Conferencing
Up to 50 simultaneous participants in one classroom
Public and Private Chat
Web Sharing
Desktop Sharing via third party plug-in (currently only for Windows)
Teachers can login before the class scheduled time
Separate access to Audio, Video and Writing features to manage attendees better
Class duration up to 300 minutes
Class recordings and playback from WizIQ servers or download of classes*


Once I buy WizIQ room license(s), how do I go about integrating it with Moodle?

Once you purchase a configuration, you see a link to download Moodle module that is specific to your purchase. Simply click on the link to download the module and then install it in your Moodle installation. You can see a step-by-step instruction guide here. Once installed, you or the teachers with editing rights in your course can start creating live, online classes.

Do you offer support for getting the Virtual Classroom up and running on Moodle?

We offer extensive support through our forum and public classes. And we usually address our customers’ problems for this module for free if it takes an hour or less. Beyond that we charge $25 per hour for tech support. You can contact us at sales@wiziq.com for such queries.

I initially purchased 5-room plan. I then upgraded to 10-room configuration. Do I need to install the module again?

No, you don't need to install the module again. After we upgrade your account, your module gets automatically updated for the subscription in Moodle.

I am using old version of the WizIQ virtual classroom module. I want to use the new version?

Uninstall old version of the module. Download the new version and install it in your moodle course. Here are the simple steps to install the module:

1. Unzip the downloaded file.
2. Copy the folders for block and activity in their respective directories in the moodle folder.
3. Now, login as Administrator in your moodle site. Go to "Site Administration" and click on the ‘Notifications’ link.
4. To confirm the installation, go to "Site Administration" and click on the ‘Modules’ link. You find an entry there for ‘WizIQ Live Class’

How does new WizIQ Virtual Classroom module differ from the old version?

With new WizIQ virtual classroom module:

- Teachers and students now don't need to sign-up on WizIQ to attend a class
- You may choose to record a class for later review
- You can schedule multiple classes for a given time
- Premium technical support for seamless integration of the module in Moodle

But this is not all. We are working hard to bring more in our live class module.

Do my students need to sign up to attend a class?

Teachers and students don’t need to sign-up on WizIQ to give or attend a class.

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